1. The easiest way to measure your feet is to stand with your back to the wall on A4 paper, mark the longest toe of the foot and change the exact length of the foot in mm.

2. Assign the measured value of the foot length in mm, according to our table, the shoe size number (green).

3. Fill in the determined value of the shoe size in your order. (If necessary, specify the length in mm in the order note and we will check the appropriate size).

For sandal shoe patterns with a full toe, select +1 size number for the larger shoe size.
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The measurement of the length of the feet is ideally always done standing, with the position at the width of the pelvis, with the back pressed against the vertical wall. We measure the length of the foot from the heel (from the outermost arch) to the end of the longest toe. We measure both feet and choose a longer value in mm.
(measurement can also be performed on ordinary A4 paper, draw and measure the length in mm with a ruler.

Finding out the length of the foot

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