OK bar is a small family business, which is based primarily on quality, fair dealing, pleasant agreement and reliability. We sew unique barefoot shoes that we produce for you in Valašské Klobouky in the Zlín Region. The shoes have an extra thin sole from 2 mm and the unique production method guarantees maximum connection with the surface. OK bare were created in cooperation with leading experts in barefoot footwear, physiotherapists, Tomas Bata University in Zlín and, last but not least, first-class shoemakers. This connection gave birth to the OK bare, which means All Correct. Shoes that are OK - perfectly fine with a reference to Czech roots.




We use soft, high-quality Italian leather for the upper, lining and insole of BAREFOOT footwear. Our shoes will win you over with quality materials, first-class workmanship and a unique design underlining the added value of bare shoes.




 We sew real barefoots for barefoot walking, which perfectly copy the human foot with the shape of the flexible sole. Be surprised at how light our shoes are and how well they fit. We are a small but flexible manufacturer and we can make shoes of different colors, widths, with a choice of children's decorations and different types of soles. We make maximum use of regional components, support employment in the border region of the White Carpathians and the entire production takes place under pleasant and ethical conditions.





Our shoes carry the latest knowledge and are designed to suit you well and naturally. In addition, we combine design with utility value so that our barefoot will provide you not only with a pleasant barefoot walk but also with a fashionable look. Our handmade OK bare are ready to attract attention wherever you step on.

We deliver worldwide. Try our OK bare too!


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